Creating and running a profitable business takes …

Above all else, courage — especially if your business happens to be your life’s passion.

It takes the courage of a warrior to master the “other half” of your business: the business planning, numbers, marketing, and sales.

And, help. Welcome to the Small Business Warrior.

New Book!

Authentic Marketing for IntrovertsAuthentic Marketing for Introverts shows you how your personality is uniquely suited to marketing in the 21st century. Small business success is not the exclusive domain of the Extrovert. As an Introvert, you’ll have to treat your business differently: you have to protect your down time, systematize your business, establish some gatekeepers so you can get your work done, and choose the marketing that authentically fits who you are. This book will show you how.

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Do you believe…

  • If you do great work, that should be enough to attract more customers?
  • Marketing is mysterious, boring, superficial, or downright dishonest?
  • You don’t know how to market or who to market to.
  • You’re too right-brained for all those facts and figures. You don’t speak “Number.”
  • There’s barely enough time to do the work itself, let alone a business or marketing plan.

What if you could…

  • Conquer resistance to doing the business side of your business
  • Make your unconscious beliefs conscious and discard the ones that are getting in your way
  • Learn to market in ways that are congruous with your values and personality
  • Become fluent in the easy language of numbers and enjoy working with them
  • Identify and communicate with your ideal customers
  • Find the time and willingness to write and implement a business plan?

Are you ready to become a small business warrior? Start here.