Even Though I’ve Written Two Of Them, I Have to Admit Self-Help Books Don’t Work

Here’s Why Self-Help Books Don’t Work

Long before I ever thought about writing books, I was a dedicated self-help book reader. When I moved two years ago, I downsized my book collection and donated 75 (!) self-help books to my local library.

 Although the books I write are about business, they’re essentially self-help books.

 This is funny, because I know from experience that self-help books–even self-help business books-don’t work.  

 It’s not that they don’t contain great information. Many, including my books, do.    

My friend Sonja in Canada is the only person I know who’s read a whole self-help book cover-to-cover, and done all the exercises in it. Most of us stall out somewhere around page 92.  

 People like Sonja don’t need help. But the rest of us do.   

 There are lots of ways to get help:  

  1. If you’ve found a book that speaks to the problem you want to solve, read it and do the exercises with a buddy.  
  2. Take a class that focuses on the problem you want to solve or the subject you need to learn about.  
  3. Join a group that focuses on your issue.
  4. Get free help from your local Board of Trade (Canada), Chamber of Commerce, or a governmental agency in the U.S. such as Score or Small Business Development Center.

Or my personal favorite: Get a coach (I have two).

 Bottom line: It takes support from other people to make the changes you want to make.

 This is my opportunity to mention Journey of the Small Business Warrior. If you want support, encouragement and accountability as you create and help your business grow and thrive, it will help you. Contact me for more information.

 Here’s what two members of the Journey that started in October, say about it:

“I’ve made more headway on my business plan and set specific goals. I’ve also gotten clear about my services and branding my new business. Before this, I had excellent excuses for avoiding looking at my numbers, but this program makes the scary tangible. The support of the group makes it fun. My business is becoming a reality.” Nancy Shelton, Life After Athletics.

 “I’m taking my business in a new direction and I’m terrified. But with Christy’s guidance, business savvy, and the support of other businesspeople, I’m moving toward this new venture with courage and excitement. ” Lee Doyle, Credible Communications.  

 If you’re trying to make changes in your business (or your personal life), get some help. This is the time of year everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. If you want them to materialize, don’t go it alone.

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