Christy’s books provide three great resources:

  • Authentic Marketing for IntrovertsAuthentic Marketing for Introverts shows you how your personality is uniquely suited to marketing in the 21st century. Small business success is not the exclusive domain of the Extrovert. As an Introvert, you’ll have to treat your business differently: you have to protect your down time, systematize your business, establish some gatekeepers so you can get your work done, and choose the marketing that authentically fits who you are. This book will show you how.
  • Book cover: Your Marketing PersonalityYour Marketing Personality shows you how to find marketing you love (which means you’ll actually do it). Your Marketing Personality uses a simple personality test to help you find your greatest strengths, then show you how to find marketing you’ll enjoy, using these strengths. And the marketing you like, is the marketing you’ll do, is the marketing that works.
  • Cover of "Passion, Plan, Profit"Passion, Plan, Profit provides 12 steps so that you can convert your passion into a solid business. Passion, Plan, Profit guides creative people through the simple process of creating a business plan they can actually use to run their businesses peacefully, prosperously and successfully.

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