“Christy is wise and personable in her work. She is especially skilled at helping clients tap into purpose and how it translates into business. Christy manages to make writing a business plan meaningful, practical, AND fun.”
— Gerry Fathauer, Inspiration Visible

“I’m so glad I hired Christy to help me take my business to the next level! Her knowledge and business savvy combined with the structure of her book and accountability group are a winning combination. It’s December and I’ve got a detailed business plan for next year, complete with mission, vision, values, USP, marketing plan and detailed income and expense projections. What a great way to start the new year…thrilling!”
— Shoshana Rosenfeld, Shoshana Rosenfeld and Associates

“After my first coaching call with Christy I was left wanting more – she is a high-integrity, smart, results-oriented coach who won’t cut you any slack and is completely honest and trustworthy. She’s totally willing to let you move on as a client if that’s the right thing for you. If you want to kick it up a notch and get better results for your business, give Christy a call!”
— Dobes Vandermeer, Clarity Accounting

“Christy is a detail-oriented business coach with an astounding ability to allow clients to commit to action steps without pain! Her style is professional and fun. She’s the one to have in your corner, as her commitment to your success is boundless.”
— Laura DeVault, Over The Moon Bookstore

“I’m now tracking my numbers and know what business I have in the pipeline. I’m marketing and my business profits have increased.”
— Jeff Dreiver, Connective Computing, Inc.

“Christy Strauch gave me the freedom NOT to cold-call.  Then she suggested other types of marketing that fit my marketing personality. Now, I look forward to marketing my business. The monkey is off my back.”
— Lee Norman, Commercial Real Estate Financial Professional

“Christy brings a clarity to the business plan creation process. Her coaching was very valuable.”
— Dalibor Simacek, Compunix

“I have been working with Christy for over 3 years, and this work has been instrumental in expanding the visions I have for my business, and then taking the concrete steps to see that they are achieved. She has provided the practical knowledge that go way beyond the tools I learned at Harvard Business School. Her success in selling her own business and her grand vision for mine were what inspired me to start working with her; the results we’ve achieved have led to an ongoing relationship. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and have already done so many times.”
— Maria Robinson, Registered Investment Advisor

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