The Full View of You

Each time a new client goes through the Know Yourself process, I’m become more convinced that it’s as fundamental to having a successful business–if not more so–as a business plan and a marketing plan. 

Read on about this week’s client–we’ll call her Jane–and how her personality doesn’t just influence her business results, it creates them.

Here are the results of the combined tests and what they show about each client I’ve been working with:  

1. The Strengths Finder reports Jane is a strategist – 75% of her top five strengths are in this category (this means she can easily see what needs to be done in most circumstances).

An aside: If you’re a strategist like Jane, you either need to consider running your own business, or pray that your bosses listen to you about the direction the company needs to go. Otherwise, you’ll be frustrated with work. 

2. Jane’s Myers-Briggs type likes to take in a lot of information before making a decision. Sometimes people with this attribute can struggle to make any decisions at all.

3. Her third test results from the Enneagram show her interest in participating in a wide variety of activities (she’s a Point 7 in the Nine-Point system). This also highlights the difficulty Jane might have in deciding on the best two or three things to pursue at a time.

Are you getting the picture? Jane told me she had been thinking for many years about starting her own business but hadn’t. The outcome of her three tests showed exactly why she’d had trouble making the leap.

But what would happen if Jane had gotten help? What if she’d hired an office manager who was highly detail and task focused? Or found a partner like this?

Without additional help, this woman, a bright strategist, and great salesperson, was stuck working for someone else.

This is my new epiphany: It’s impossible to run a successful business without knowing ourselves well. I’m not kidding. To really thrive and make sound, strategic, bottom-line decisions, we need the full picture of who we are. One of the most holistic perspectives you can get comes through the converging lenses of Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, and StrengthsFinder. 

It’s very powerful stuff. 

Do you think aspects of your personality are inhibiting in you in any way in your business? Where? How? Comment below.

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