What Is The Why?

What’s Your Customers Why?

I’m coaching a client whose reputation, a good one, is spreading rapidly via word of mouth. Potential clients are calling. This is good.

But these calls make him forget that he needs to ask “Why?”  This is the question that he and the rest of us should be asking, even when our ideal customers are already calling.

 He, and the rest of us need to know the problem driving these people to call for help.   

Why Do People Call You?

Why do people call you for help? Why you, instead of the guy down the street who also does what you do? Why call you, instead of continuing to do nothing, or to limp along with a solution that doesn’t quite do the job? A simple question, that’s hard to answer.    

 Your Own Purchase Decisions

You make purchase decisions every day. Take buying gas. Gas is gas, right? Doesn’t it make sense to just find the cheapest station closest to you and patronize it?

Evidently not. I routinely avoid an ARCO station I drive by twice a week even though their gas usually is the cheapest. Why? Someone has stolen all the windshield squeegees and I can’t clean my windshield. Evidently I’ll pay more for gas as long as I can wash my windshield as part of the deal.

It’s frequently not about price, even with a commodity like gasoline.

How Do You Figure Out the Why About Your Own Customers?

Ask them.

 There are at least two tools you can use to survey your clients: Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey. Both tools are free or almost, depending on the size of your survey.

Here’s the deal: I’m going to survey my past and present clients this week, and I invite you to do the same.

Here are my survey questions:

1. What was the problem or problems that drove you to call me?


2. Why did you call me for help instead of someone else who does what I do?


3. Did our work together solve the problem(s) that drove you to call me?


4. If not, why not?


What do you think? What is the Why for your customers? Comment below.

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