Who really is the competition?

One of my Small Business Warrior groups met today. The members of this group happen to all be healers of various kinds.

Today’s subject was competition.

Who is it, really? For the people in this group, is it other therapists or healing practitioners? In other words, is it other people or businesses who do the same thing? That’s certainly the obvious choice.

But I don’t think that’s the whole picture.

One of the biggest competitors that we don’t often think about is doing nothing.

In the case of therapists, trainers, coaches,( and even other businesses), doing nothing is often fueled by people’s beliefs (as created from their experiences). For this particular group of healers, doing nothing sounds like this: “therapy is for wimps,” or “the last leadership training I went to was a big waste of time and money,” or “people can’t change.”

What does “doing nothing” sound like in your business? I’d love to hear. Comment below.

3 Replies to “Who really is the competition?”

  1. Doing nothing sounds very quiet. No incoming phone calls, emails, text messages from customers or prospective clients. Ultimately it means no income.

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