Wholeness Leads to Mastery

I’m continuing to work with people in the new pilot program I’ve been telling you about. I’m using the StrengthsFinder (this is a link where you can get your top 5 strengths for $10),  Myers-Briggs, and the Enneagram personality tests. 

(They aren’t really tests because there are no right or wrong answers, but the right terms for these tests, “instrument” sounds like I’m torturing people.)

I began talking about mastery also here and here a few months ago. I stumbled on the realization that what blocks us from building successful businesses isn’t what I originally thought, lack of information. I thought if I explained how to market and how to do a business plan in a way that was easy to comprehend and simple to implement, that would be sufficient.

It’s not.  

Even with the best information in the world, mastery can elude us, because there are internal blocks we may be unaware of. These are the real barriers to mastery. (Here’s a sneak-peak of my new promo video on this very subject.)  


I think about myself sometimes as moving around in the world partially blind. As humans, we may never be able to see our whole selves clearly. Most of us “see through a glass darkly.”


But that doesn’t mean we can’t make progress. 

The “data” gleaned from this pilot is incredibly illuminating. It can point to some of the places that block you and places you excel–if not the whole picture of you as a human being and a business owner, pretty darn near. (By the way, and even though it isn’t intuitively obvious, blindness in knowing what you do well can block you, too. Lots of people discount what they do well because it feels so effortless. They assume their special talents come easily to everyone else, and they belittle the very skills that set them apart.)


When you get more familiar with your blocks, strengths and “shadow aspects” you can start using this knowledge to deepen your mastery. You become more congruent, more real, more whole.  

How might knowing yourself really well help your business? Consistent marketing? A workable business plan? The ability to sell and be true to yourself at the same time? 

If you want to deepen your knowledge about what makes you tick, email me about this new pilot. I’ll take you through the three tests and help you understand what they mean, and how the “data” translates into you creating and sustaining a successful business.  

Have you thought about what you want to master in your business? What gets in your way? Comment below.

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