Christy Strauch


I have two bios. To read the official one, click here.

To read the one that trained me to work people who want to make money, but who are worried that making money will ruin their creativity or turn them into selfish, greedy jerks, read on.

In 2003, I woke up to the fact that I was $375,000 in debt.

I hadn’t spent it on wine, men and song, either. I’d incurred most of it trying to keep my business alive. 

Included in this debt were two tax liens; one from the IRS for non-payment of payroll taxes, and one from the State of Arizona for non-payment of sales tax. I also owed my parents, some computer equipment suppliers, an attorney, and a bunch of credit card companies. The final credit card I’d applied for would only give me a $500.00 limit.  I was outraged! What was I going to do with $500.00 of credit?

I knew I had reached the end.

Because I had become crazy, my best thinking about all this debt was to consider suicide. If you have debt and ever think that suicide is an appropriate OR suitable solution to it, please email me. I needed someone else to point this out to me. I will be happy to do that for you. 

Fast forward five years. Through the help of many people, I learned how to understand business numbers. I learned about business models and what kind of businesses fit each one (If you want to download a free handout explaining business models and how they apply to your business, click here). I learned how to market, how to talk to the IRS and Department of Revenue employees one human being to another. I sold my business. I began helping other people avoid the mistakes I made, and create profitable businesses of their own.

And all the debt got paid.

Today I know there are a thousand paths to a profitable business. I can help you create one for yourself. Not in the woo-woo way—you’ll still have to figure who your tribe is, how they want you to talk to them, and you’ll have to do a good job for the people you serve. You’ll have to market. You’ll have to be visible. You’ll have to track your numbers. You’ll have to come to terms with your beliefs about money.

But if you want to turn your ideas into a profitable business, I can help you. 

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