Authentic Marketing for Introverts

“What Introverts do well is made for this era of new marketing. Your three greatest strengths: long focus, relationship skills, and drive for authenticity make for successful marketing today. No more trying to change yourself into an Extrovert. Be yourself. There are one or two powerful things you can do to draw clients to you. Find them in this book.”
— Christy Strauch
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One of my new clients started our first call by saying, “You’re going to be mad at me.  I can’t go to networking events and make small talk with people and I can’t cold call.”

A light bulb came on.  After reassuring her that in no way would I be angry about this, I told her that she was most likely an Introvert.  It didn’t mean she was shy or isolative, or didn’t like people.  It meant she craved alone time. That she needed long focus time to do her work. And that she was adept at cultivating deeper relationships with smaller numbers of people.

These skills, while strong, didn’t lend themselves to cold calling or small talk. Since I believed the universe was a benevolent place, there had to be marketing that Introverts could excel at, and even enjoy.  It would be sad (and very unlikely) that success in the small business world was the exclusive domain of Extroverts.  So this book was born.

As an Introvert, you’ll have to treat your business differently than you would if you were an Extrovert.  You have to protect your down time, or you will find yourself ignoring clients and prospects and not respond to them in a timely way.

You’ll have to systematize your business.

You’ll have to establish some gatekeepers, so you can get your work done.

You’ll have to pay attention to the times where your energy is higher, and use that time for marketing.

But these things are all do-able.  In fact, every business should do them.  The difference is that, as an Introvert, to have a successful business, you have to do them.

Don’t worry.  Your personality is suited to this work.  This book will show you how.

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