I’m back to coaching, which is a multi-faceted blessing. Since I’m an extrovert and we talk out loud to find out what we know, coaching is giving me the chance to see what I’ve learned lately. See what you think—comment (kindly, please), below.

I was working with a client this morning on his sales numbers.

People only hire a coach when they're in pain of some kind. His pain was needing to increase sales.

Frequently when people have this trouble, they obsess about their sales numbers. How much of what has sold, when, and to whom.

Knowing these things is necessary but not sufficient to increase sales.

Why? Understanding what has sold and to whom may point us in the direction of who to talk to next, and what to talk to them about. BUT, you can't force people to buy from you. They're in 100% control of what they buy, short of putting a gun to their head or manipulating them, which never works in the long run (either method!).

Here are my epiphanies:

1. Earning money is the tail end of the dog. We can't force people to buy. So we market to them to help them buy from us. The place to focus energy then isn’t the money, it’s the marketing. 

2. This doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to my prices, accounts receivable, costs and profit. It means I set up some easy systems to watch the money, and focus my time on making relationships with current and future clients, plus doing my work to help them. 

3. The place where I have almost 100% control is how I deliver my work, and how I talk to my current and future customers—i.e.—my marketing.

Once systems are in place to watch my numbers regularly, marketing and delivery is where I need to spend the majority of my time. 

What do you think?