Money Money Money Mooonnneey. Money (Drawing by Kerry James Marshall-Cleveland Museum of Art)

Today was epiphany day. I love when that happens, as long as it's not too painful and/or makes me have to change a lot of behavior all at once.

If you've worked with me or read my blog posts or my bio, you might have noticed I talk a lot about money. I've had windfalls as well as struggles with earning, debting, and even with the basic questions around money. What is it for? How do I feel about getting paid for what I do? How do I set prices? What if people don’t want what I sell? What if they do want what I sell? How much is “enough?”

And my favorite question of all: What am I worth?

I used to always answer that question as if you were asking me how much money I had. Which sets up the equation of net worth=self worth.

Everyone knows, or pretends to know this is not the way to  answer the ‘what am I worth?’question. In human terms that question doesn’t make sense. We don’t value human beings in terms of money, except in very rare legal cases. Most people would be deeply offended if you decided to put a dollar amount on their worth. 

What does this have to do with money problems?

This was my epiphany. As long as I am trying to make money do or buy things it can’t, I will ALWAYS have trouble with it. If I’m trying to buy self-worth with money, I will NEVER have enough. If I’m trying to buy love by searching for the perfect dress so I will be lovable when I wear it, I am sentencing myself to a life of compulsive spending on clothes. If I’m trying to pacify my creativity by shopping instead of sitting down to write, I’ll be prisoner to shopping the rest of my life. 

For us running our own businesses, trying to buy self-worth with money really messes with the health of the the business. We pander to customers to get them to buy from us.

OR-especially in the case of creatives who are selling their work, we refuse to sell at all. If people don’t buy, we’re not only worthless, so is our creativity. Who would ever risk confirming that???

If you recognize yourself here, I can help. 

I’m starting a ten-week group, limited to six people, to look these beliefs in the face, thank them for protecting in the past, and helping them let go. 

At the same time, we’ll create a plan together. You’ll make your own Peaceful Path to Money using your creativity.

If this sounds interesting to you, click here to email me and we’ll talk.

Have you had enough of making your life miserable with your beliefs about money? Do you crave starting a business using your creativity? 

I can help.