Problems? Or Just More Truth?

Jeffrey Van Dyk teaches people how to find and talk to their tribes in a way the tribe comprehends that you GET their problems and have the solution. I’m getting certified in his system to use it with my clients.

In tandem with Tribal Marketing, Jeffrey likes to say that “There are no problems to be solved, only more truth to be revealed.” He goes on to elaborate:  “Problems are the markers where the treasure is buried.”

Whoa. Are you having trouble with marketing? Or sales? Or figuring out how to price your work? Or? Normally I look at problems like these as PROBLEMS! 

Here’s how I’ve applied this idea to myself. 

I haven’t marketed consistently in the past. My knee-jerk reaction to this problem is to conclude that I’m not disciplined enough. But applying ‘more discipline’ to myself hasn’t worked. 

What has worked is facing the fact that I’m afraid to be visible. Once I started addressing that, marketing regularly has become much easier. I’m not in hand-to-hand combat with this semi-conscious fear of visibility anymore. More discipline didn’t address the underlying truth. PLUS once I began dealing with the truth, the ‘problem’ began evaporating.

This turns “problem-solving” into an intriguing search for deeper truth. Way more fun than yelling at myself to correct my inconsistent marketing ‘problem.’

What if you are having a ‘problem’ that looks like low sales? The obvious ‘solution’ is SELL MORE!!! At least that’s the conclusion I would have jumped to in the past. 

But what if it’s something else? A problem with the way products/services are delivered? Or marketing that isn’t working? Or a Human Resources issue? Or maybe an issue with the way you get information about sales. Maybe one specific product or service isn’t selling?

There are a lot of places you might look for more truth. 

Plus it beats screaming at yourself to sell more.

What do you think?