The Monetary Value of the Worldwide Art Market in 2016 (You Won’t Die of Boredom Reading This Post, I Promise)

Before I die, I want to understand and be able to teach how money and creativity can coexist with each other. Not in a stand-off, but cooperating. Each one informing the other without undue influence on the other.

I can find a zillion examples and advocates for the idea that money by definition corrupts creativity. If I surveyed some straight-ahead financial people, they would say creativity corrupts the ability to earn money.

But if these people are right, then creative people (and financial people too) are doomed. 

If the universe is benevolent as I believe it to be, this can’t be right. There has to be a way money and creativity can be friends. Otherwise the world will continue to be filled with cranky, unhappy and even suicidal artists who can’t figure out how to get their art into the world and still buy food and pay the light bill.

I’m tippy-toeing through this client by client. We’re finding ways for each of them individually to relate to money so it supports their creativity. I’m working on the problem myself.

Stay tuned here for more information on the results of my research.

In the meantime in 2016, (the latest year I could find statistics) the worldwide art market total sales figure was $56.6 BILLION. Yes I know that money is concentrated in the hands of a fairly small number of gallery owners and artists. I don’t care.  It’s a big number. All we have to do is figure out how to spread it out over more people.

BTW, clearly the people who spent that $56.6 billion on art don’t view it as a luxury. Check out my FB page to see a photo of the first documented example of an artist being paid for his art. In 1598.

Do you do your art? Do you want to sell it, or just make it? What’s the relationship between your creativity and money? Comment below.