Read My Blog

Read the Lessons posted on my blog. A gentle warning: becoming a Small Business Warrior will challenge you. You don’t have to do it alone—get a buddy and do the Lessons together.

If you run into blocks or resistance, find out what those blocks look like by taking the money beliefs test hereThen read this blog post about beliefs.

Make sure you buy The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, the definitive work about Resistance and how to overcome it. Keep this book at your desk to help you remember who you are and what you’re about.

It’s also helpful to know your personality type (as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), especially when you’re deciding what kinds of marketing are best for you and your business. Read this blog post to help you understand what makes you tick.


Read the Books

Passion, Plan, Profit: 12 Simple Steps to Convert Your Passion into a Solid Business

If you know you need a business plan and you have the discipline to do it yourself, this book will take you step-by-step through creating a workable, understandable, useable business plan, rooted in the purpose of your business.

The whole point of having a plan is to help you run your business better. Whether that looks like more sales, more customers, better relationships with the customers you have, a clearer understanding of your numbers, or a clean set of plans for the next 12 months, the business plan you write using this book will give you a roadmap to achieve these goals. Learn more.


Your Marketing Personality: Marketing You Like Is Marketing That Sells

This book will help you identify your personality traits and show you how to use your strengths to market your business. The radical idea behind this book is that there is effective, and even enjoyable, marketing that works for each personality type. And the marketing you like, is the marketing you’ll do, is the marketing that works. Learn more.


the Journey of the Small Business Warrior

During this one-of-kind, four-part journey of arms and magic (plus some hard work), you will create:

  • A business plan that will help you build a more profitable business

  • A marketing plan that utilizes the strengths of your personality

  • A clear understanding of your business numbers

  • A way to identify and release beliefs about money and business success that block you

  • And most importantly, a community of like-minded business owners who will support and hold you accountable as you implement your plans, so that you can master the business of your life’s passion.


Individual Coaching

If you face a specific issue that you want to solve quickly, individual coaching is for you. Maybe you’re starting a new business and need to test the viability of your idea. Or you want to figure out the best ways to market your business, or need a better understanding of your business numbers. We’ll focus on your challenge and resolve it. Click here to learn more about coaching from Christy Strauch.