The Journey of the Small Business Warrior



If I’m the person who can help you, one of two things is going on in your life.



You’re in business for yourself. You do great work. Your clients love you. 

BUT…you don’t make enough money. You’re unsure why this is. You’re afraid. You think you’re doing something wrong. Sometimes you even feel worthless.

Click here if you’d like some understanding, reassurance, and clear guidance about how to fix this problem without selling your soul for money. It is possible.


You’re highly creative. But you had to get a job. You use some of your creativity in your work, but mostly not.

You feel constrained, maybe frustrated or unsure, even afraid and hopeless.

You know you’re good. You want to start your own business. But you can’t see how. 

Click here if you’d like validation, understanding, and clear direction about how to create a profitable business without sacrificing your creativity or vision. It is possible.