This is a great primer for people who are doing work they love, but don’t feel confident about the “business” side of business. Read it and do the exercises. Your business, your customers, and your bank account will thank you.”
— Jim Horan, author of "The One Page Business Plan"

What does writing a business plan mean to you?

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Boring? Why do I need one? It’s all in my head. I’d rather do my work than plan it.

Complicated? I don’t have the education to write one. I wouldn’t know where to start.

Scary? What if I do the plan and find out something bad about my business—the numbers don’t work with my current pricing, or I see I don’t have a real marketing plan?

Having a real-life, down-to-earth business plan is one of the cornerstones to succeeding in business, but most people don’t write one because of the reasons listed above. These attitudes keep people who are passionate about their work from making a real living at it.

Passion, Plan, Profit changes all this.

It’s a primer. It walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a plan for your business, using a question-and-answer format. You don’t need special training or knowledge to use this book.

What you do need is a small business warrior spirit: fierce courage and a strong desire to succeed in your business, and the willingness to persevere.

Many people have nurtured the dream of creating their own businesses but are daunted by where to start. Passion, Plan, Profit shows you how to get going, and guides you through the process of building a business that feeds your soul and lets you support yourself, doing the work you were meant to do.

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