A Call to Arms and Magic: The Journey of the Small Business Warrior

During this one-of-a-kind, four-part journey, you’ll master the skills that make your business thrive as you experience the magic of becoming a small business warrior.

Each part of this unique experience combines weekly or bi-weekly teleconference group meetings with other small business owners, led by Christy Strauch, as well as individual coaching.


Build the Foundation

Part 1
Dates: TBD

The Small Business Warrior has the courage and commitment to build a foundation so that they can answer the call of their life’s passion.

This is what you will create in Part One:

  • A completed business plan: the roadmap to the business you envision.
  • A financial forecast for the next 12 months, to clarify the products and services you will offer, how they will be priced, and how much you need to sell to make the business viable and prosperous.
  • A list of the characteristics of your best customers and where to find them, so you can spend your marketing time and dollars in the right places.
  • A set of key measurements that you will continue to watch throughout the year to ensure your business stays on track.
  • Clarity about your unconscious beliefs, and a plan to clear them away so they no longer block your success.

Many small business owners object to writing business plans. It’s true, they can be scary to write.  But pushing through resistance pays off—financially, emotionally, and even spiritually. This is the challenge you will confront and conquer in Part One.


Discover Your Marketing Personality

Part 2
Dates: TBD

The Small Business Warrior knows themself and their business and how to communicate with customers effectively and consistently.

This is what you will create in Part Two: 

  • A detailed marketing plan that fits your personality and the personalities of your business and your clients, so it works—it attracts new clients and nurtures existing ones.
  • A weekly action plan to do your marketing, so you stay accountable and push through resistance.
  • A sales methodology that is congruous with your business, your clients, and you.
  • A way to measure results, so you know, without guessing, what’s working.
  • A feedback loop from your measurements to your plan, so that you can adjust it as your business and your clients (and you) evolve.

Marketing your own business one of the hardest things to do in life. During Part Two, you’ll discover marketing that’s congruous with your personality, makes sense to your clients, and that you’ll enjoy doing. 


Listen to the Language of Your Business

Part 3
Dates: TBD

The Small Business Warrior learns the simple language of numbers.

This is what you will create in Part Three:

  • A deep understanding of your best clients, how often they buy, and how much they spend with you over the life of your relationship together
  • Clarity about cash flow, profitability, expenses vs. revenue, and pricing; and how these factors affect the health of your business.
  • A system to watch your key measurements so you can see what’s happening, and make plans to handle good times and bad before they happen.

In Part 3, you’ll learn to speak and listen to “Number,” a very simple language, spoken by your business. You’ll complete this part with an understanding of what you need to do to make money consistently, and how to “listen” to your business numbers.


New Levels of Mastery and Success

Part 4
Dates: TBD

The Small Business Warrior understands their journey is ongoing, and achieves new levels of mastery and financial success over time.

This is what you will create in Part Four:

  • A monthly business plan, marketing plan, and numbers review process to help you see and adjust to change.
  • A peer group to support you in implementing your plan and staying true to your vision for your business.
  • Accountability to the group, so you can continue to do the creative “important, not urgent” work in your business.
  • A brainstorming and problem-solving community, to help you face and resolve new issues as they arise.

You have business plan, a marketing plan, and you know how to speak Number. In the last nine months, you’ve changed and learned and groaned–and grown. The last part of the Journey of the Small Business Warrior reinforces the changes you’ve made and builds on your mastery of the aspects of your business you can control: Resistance, beliefs, and the business of your life’s passion.   


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