Which Marketing Matches Your Unique Personality?

Christy Strauch applies the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to attendees and their marketing. Which kinds of marketing fits extroverts best? Introverts? Thinking or Feeling types?  Christy explains what these personality types enjoy (and don’t enjoy), and how their likes and dislikes can be used in social media and traditional marketing.

Find out the marketing that works best for you, and what you’ll enjoy, based on your personality type. At the end of this three-hour, hands-on workshop, you will understand your personality type and have some concrete steps to start marketing in a new way.

This workshop is geared toward solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, and commissioned sales people who have some (or all) of the responsibility for doing their own marketing.  Participants will receive a free copy of her book, Your Marketing Personality: Marketing You Like Is Marketing That Sells.


How to Write a Business Plan in Ten Easy, and Two Hard, Steps

Most business owners know they need a business plan, but are too busy to write one (or don’t think they know how, or are too scared to actually plan). In this six-hour workshop, Christy will help you get clear on the purpose of your business, understand who your best clients are (or would be, if you had them), and gives you the foundation to fill in the details of your business plan after the workshop is over.

This workshop is geared toward small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who know that it’s time to stop flying by the seat of their pants. It includes a copy of Christy’s book, Passion, Plan, Profit: 12 Simple Steps to Convert Your Passion into a Solid Business, for each attendee.


Speaker Topics

How to Use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to Make Sure You’re Talking to All of Your Customers

Because businesses are run by human beings, we can forget to market to all of our customers—not just to the people like us. Big companies have this problem as frequently as small ones. In this 60-minute keynote speech, Christy uses examples from real-life marketing and advertising to illustrate what “type blindness” looks like, and how to make sure your company isn’t inadvertently ignoring people who could be good customers, if you only spoke their language.


What Would It Be Like to Enjoy Your Marketing?

It’s tough for us as small business owners to market consistently. Daily business tasks interfere, and, let’s be honest, we don’t enjoy marketing that much anyway.

There is good news! The Internet has spawned so many different ways to market that there are at least a few ways that each personality type can actually enjoy.

In this 60-minute keynote speech, Christy uses the Myers-Briggs personality test to show business owners how their unique personality type is an asset in their marketing. She shows how to choose marketing that fits their personality strengths. Her motto is: the marketing you like, is the marketing you’ll do, is the marketing that works.


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