Your Marketing Personality


There is something very different and very effective about Christy’s marketing book. It is comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date, and that’s not it. What makes this book good is that it speaks to my creative soul and helps me sort through the overwhelm of getting the word out. Truly helpful.
— Jennifer Louden, bestselling author of "The Woman’s Comfort Book"

What does “marketing” mean to you?

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Shameless self-promotion? “Look at me! I’m the best! My prices are great! I rock!” Knowing all the while that your mother would be ashamed of you—all that self-promotion, when she spent so many years trying to teach you humility.

Pain? Creating an incredibly complex plan to do things you don’t understand. It doesn’t count if you just tell someone what you do while you’re standing in line at Starbucks. Your marketing has to be big, time-consuming and difficult, to count as real marketing.

Lying? In the film, “Sunshine Cleaning,” Alan Arkin says, “A business lie is different than a life lie.” It isn’t, of course, but if you equate marketing with lying or hustling, it’s no wonder you don’t want to do it.

Failure? You sent out 100 letters to prospective clients and not one person called you. And it cost almost $3 per letter, counting the writer you hired, and the postage. Why would you throw money away like that again, when marketing clearly doesn’t produce results?

Time away from doing the work you love? Why should you market when it’s boring, scary or humiliating; it doesn’t work and it eats time you’d rather be spending being a chiropractor, landscape architect, or bookstore owner?

Why indeed? That is the revolutionary idea of this book. If you read it and follow the directions, you will discover what marketing you’d be good at, that you would do, and actually enjoy doing, and that will create measurable results.

The marketing you enjoy, that fits your personality and the personality of your business, is the marketing that will get done, and is the marketing that will work.

Yes. It is possible to enjoy your marketing. This book will show you how.

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